Monday, October 13, 2008

Modern Lighting by Benjamin Hubert

British lighting and ceramics designer Benjamin Hubert keeps churning out the masterpieces and he's just 24 years old! With a slew of design awards already under his belt, including the prestigious 100% Design Blueprint award for "Most Promising Future Designer," Hubert has been featured in Elle Decor, Wallpaper, Design Week and many other publications. His designs are innovative, creative and imaginiative. Many of them would fit perfectly in a Dr. Seuss story. Enjoy a few of these brilliant creations with me! Lights out until next time! - Photos Via

Foam Twist Light by Benjamin Hubert

Twist Cube Light - Unavailable at Present

Puff Out Lights by Benjamin Hubert

Puff Out Lamps - Unavailable at Present

Labware Lamps by Benjamin Hubert

Labware Lamps - $680 (Order Here)

Heavy Lights by Benjamin Hubert

Heavy Lights - $425 (Order Here)

Droplet Floor Lamp by Benjamin Hubert
Droplet Floor Lamp - $250 (Order Here)

Dandilight Floor Lamp & Pendant Light by Benjamin Hubert

Dandilight Floor Lamp and Pendant Light - Available Spring 2009 (Inquire Here)

Candy Lights by Benjamin Hubert

Candy Lights - Available Spring 2009 (Inquire Here)

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