Monday, November 24, 2008

LED Closet Lighting by Hettich International

Apartment therapy is always full of solutions to every day problems. Case in point, last week they posted about this seemingly simple concept - a closet hanging rod with built-in LED lights! Brilliant! Closet lighting solutions up until this point have been pretty sparse. My closet at home for instance features a standard incandescent bulb and a simple switch. When closed, the door pushes up against a duct-tape-padded switch that shuts off the light. Turns out this isn't a safe idea! Incandescent bulbs get very hot very fast! While we don't leave the closet door open for hours on end, it's an old door so it has the of habit of opening by itself. Since incandescent bulbs give off 98 percent of their energy as heat, they are a significant fire hazard - and in a small, confined space like a closet, this is especially dangerous! Therefore, fluorescent bulbs or LEDs are preferable for closet lighting installations, as they are both cooler-burning than incandescents.

Light Inside by Hettich
Hettich International introduces Lite Inside, an LED closet-lighting system. Since it's battery operated, Lite Inside has no messy cords or cables that get in the way, making for a super quick installation. It's super-efficient as well - the lights switch off automatically after a few minutes and because they are LEDs, they last considerably longer! Most LEDs last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours, vs. incandescent light bulbs which last around 1,000 hours. Lite Inside is also available in custom lengths to accommodate a larger or smaller closet space and can be retro-fitted into existing closet spaces. Hettich offers Lite Inside in a variety of shades and brightness levels for even more versatility.

Light Inside by Hettich International
While Light Inside doesn't appear to be on the market yet - a simple DIY solution might be to buy some inexpensive LED rope lights and wrap it around your closet's hanging rack. While these do require electricity and cords, it still beats closet-rummaging in the dark! Lights out until next time! - Via Apartment Therapy

LED Rope Light by American Lighting LLC
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what a great product - a closet co should pick it up - and i like the diy solution.

Jamie said...

Yeah! I love these things! The DIY solution seems like it could'd just have to have an outlet in your closet...haha...but it's essentially the same concept.